Penis Enlargement

Tape MeasureThe prospect of increasing penis size is something most men seem to be interested in.

In fact, according to varying sources, anywhere from between ninety to ninety five percent of us aren’t happy with what we have. Another interesting fact is that ninety percent of men, regardless of race possess roughly the same erect penis length of around six inches.

The obvious conclusion seems to be that none of us are happy with being just ‘average’.

Penis size, or our perceived lack of it, often seems to be directly linked to levels of self-esteem, confidence and our perception of masculinity. They say women are less concerned and rank penis size fairly low on the list of important physical attributes in a man. Of course there are reports to the contrary, such as the results of a survey performed by Durex stating ‘sixty seven percent of women are unhappy with the size of their partner’s penis’.

But whether this is the case or not, penis size is definitely a huge issue to us men. To a degree, those few inches hanging between our legs define us; our sense of masculinity depends on sizing up favourably against others – whether that means in the locker room or in the bedroom.

Who doesn’t want to feel that they’re better endowed than their girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s I guess) previous sexual partners? Who wouldn’t gain a sense of male superiority from being the bloke in the locker room who’s hung like a horse?

Regardless of how irrational it might seem, when you consider the above it’s easy to appreciate just how important penis size really is.

It’s vitally important. Functionally – in the sense of satisfying a sexual partner – it matters very little; you’d have to be pretty small not to be able to do that. But emotionally – in the sense of self-confidence and one’s sense of masculinity – it’s a huge key ingredient; and as such can make a massive impact on one’s life.

Popular Methods of Penis Enlargement

There are several methods of penis enlargement currently available, all of which claim to be the most effective way to increase penis size. There is also a great deal of information available about these methods. Unfortunately, the sources tend to be commercially biased, favouring one method whilst dismissing the alternatives.

My intention has been to provide a detailed and accurate overview of the methods available and to discuss the effectiveness and safety issues surrounding each one.

The methods discussed here include:

The above methods have gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. However, they provide varying levels of effectiveness. Furthermore, costs vary widely between each one, as does the amount of personal dedication required to achieve results. Most importantly, each method has potential adverse side effects that should also be taken into consideration.

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